OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY  is a set of sciences and technologies that search the protection of the worker in its workstation, in that if it relates to the question of the safety and the hygiene at work. Its basic objective involves the prevention of risks and accidents in the activities of work aiming at the defense of the integrity of the person human being. 

SAFETY AND WORK ONLINE are a thematic site of reference specialized in occupational safety. It is destined to the engineers, architects, technician of occupational safety, doctors, nurses, chemistries, physicists, hygienists and to the workers in general.


Carlos Roberto Miranda

Physician Specialist in Occupational Medicine. Master in Community Health (UFBA). Fiscal Auditor of the Work (MTE). Author of the book Introduction to the Health in the Work (Ed. Atheneu, 1998 - 4º ed. e-book, 2006). Publisher of the Digital Enciclopedia Safety and Health in the Work (1º Ed. e-book, 2008).



Financial disclosure: This site is financed personally, besides counting on the commercialization of electronic content (e-book) and advertising as additional source of income.